diggingdogs (diggingdogs) wrote in doglovers,

We have 2 golden retrievers and moved to our first house a month ago with a very big yard. Since being here, the dogs are digging giant holes. They dug up an entire rose bush! We don't have a lot of money to put into pricey ways to stop them from digging where they do like fencing it off. They can't be bored. They've got tons of toys they always play with except for when digging. They aren't burying things, just digging giant holes a few feet deep. It's not possible for me to be outside the entire time they are, and not fair to make them stay inside all day with me and the baby. They get a ton of attention and play time, even with the baby. What can we do? We really don't want to have them stay inside all day, but we are getting in trouble because of their digging.

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