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Guess the mutt!

Hi everyone - I just joined and wanted to introduce our new dog! After a search of local shelters and Petfinder, we selected what seems to be the perfect little apartment companion dog and I'm completely smitten. I can't wait to teach her tricks!

Since people keep asking me what breed she is (she's a rescue, so we don't actually know), I figured I'd start by asking for your best guesses! (I have my own guess for what she might be, but I'll save that for the comments.) Here's some info that might help:

* She's about 8 months old
* She weighs 15 pounds and is about the size of, say, a cocker spaniel - vet doesn't think she'll get much larger
* She's a solid dark chocolate brown color with just a few white hairs on her chest
* Her toes are not webbed
* She's very playful, friendly, and remarkably easygoing about new experiences
* She's incredibly food-motivated
* She's pretty easy to train and seems very smart; housebreaking is requiring a lot of careful anticipation on our part though (we have to just make sure she's already outside when we think she'll need to go)

Here's our Edie!






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