Lokai (bliss089) wrote in doglovers,

Fleas x2

Hi Guys!!

I have a quick question... I have been having a lot of trouble with fleas this year with my Shih Tzu. I've never experienced fleas before. So far, he has had it twice this summer/fall. I got rid of them about 1 1/2 months ago but they came back last week. I've always used Frontline on Teddy (the dog) and started the Frontline treatment this year in April and always gave it to him at the first of each month. When he first got the fleas, my vet gave me Capstar for 5 days and that did help.

Well, since he got them back, I trimmed him down so it would be easier to catch. Gave him a bath with regular shampoo then put Frontline on it. I didn't feel that was sufficient so the next day I bought flea bath and a flea collar. I called my vet before giving him the bath and they suggested I would give him a bath and leave the flea shampoo on for 30 mins then put the Frontline on 2-3 days later so his natural oils could make the medicine stick. I did so. It's been about 5 days and he is still itching and there is still fleas.

I'm not sure what to do at this point as I don't want to keep giving him baths and hurting his skin by removing his natural oils all the time.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much for reading this... I'm totally lost on what to do!
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