mykinkysocks (mykinkysocks) wrote in doglovers,

Intense pain during euthanasia?

My father had to make the heart-wrenching decision this afternoon to have one of their (his and my mom's) dogs put to sleep. The reason was because last night she started isolating herself and drinking lots of water and throwing it all up and going back for more, etc... Anyways, this morning it got much worse and she got to the point of not even being able to walk. We got her to the vet and they couldn't be 100% sure but their best guess was a ruptured tumor in her spleen.

Anyways, so we all went back to say our goodbyes and to be with her (Sheba was her name) during her final moments. The vet told us it would be quick and he injected her with the pink fluid. Ten seconds later Sheba started screaming in agony. The vet was shocked and said he'd only seen that once in his 17 years of practice and he injected her with another dose of the fluid. A few minutes later she was gone.

What the hell happened to her? I thought euthanasia was supposed to be painless and peaceful? I am still gutted that her final moments were so full of pain. Can anyone offer any kind of explanation or thoughts? I don't know who else to ask since the vet was as dumbfounded as we were.
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