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Older dog haveing some issues going to the bathroom...

Bella is our 11 year old German Shepherd Mix. She is approximately 50-55 lbs and is healthy weight. We've had her since she was 12 weeks old. She's never had any health issues besides noise-related anxiety (she gets low-dose Xanax when we know there's going to be fireworks or a thunderstorm). She's had stitches a couple times because she likes to do stupid things like break out of crates and rip her ear open and one time she was playing in the snow and somehow her foot stuck to the ice and she ripped the pad open when she pulled her foot up.

Now... Bella has recently developed this thing where she will start pooping and will just keep walking... she doesn't stop and squat all the time... sometimes she's just walking down the sidewalk and there she goes - like a horse walking down a parade route. Lots of times, this is prefaced by her squatting, going through the motions like she's going to poop (but actually not), and then getting up and walking away... then she starts going while she's walking.

She's not having ANY problems holding it, so I don't think it's an incontinence issue, per se. She will run down a flight of stairs, wait for me to get down there, and then another small flight of stairs from the porch to the lawn without any problem.

She doesn't have any problems with urination, either. She pees as soon as she hits the lawn and then jumps around waiting to cross the street because she knows we go across the street and then down a little ways for them to poop.

We do have concerns that her eyes seem kind of clouded over sometimes, but she can still see. Her last vet visit for her annual vaccinations, she got a clean bill of health and we were told she was in good shape.

So, is this normal old dog behavior? Or something we should be concerned about?
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