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has anyone else experienced this with their dogs?

My dog Sky's hair started falling out yesterday afternoon. It looked like really heavy shedding at first, but when I brushed his coat, his hair came out in clumps and there were scabs all over his back. I took him and my other dog, Kaylee, to the vet first thing this morning because I could feel a few small scabs on her back too, though her case is extremely mild compared to Sky's.

I was really worried at first that it might be mange, but it's only affecting the skin on his back. Our vet said it looked more like a fungal infection or ringworm, but she seemed pretty stumped because a fungal infection wouldn't be contagious so it didn't make sense that Kaylee would get it from him. She pulled some some of the hair and scabby skin from his back to do a fungus culture and prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-fungal medication, but I won't get the results from the culture until next week so I was wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of condition before or might have any idea what caused it.

Both dogs are on Frontline Plus and are otherwise completely healthy. The only thing I can think of is that I take them hiking a few times a week, and Sky is always going off the trail to chase birds, so it could be some kind of allergic reaction to something he ran through. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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