sweetmeloli (sweetmeloli) wrote in doglovers,

I need help big time :(

My family and I adopted 3 puppies. The littlest one is the ONLY one that gets along with the other 2. The second one is a chow mix and is about 2-3 months old. The chow mix wont let the others come next to it and growls and bites if they do, she also dislikes it when I take the food bowl away and wont let the other dogs eat out of it.Thee third is about 4-5 months of age, he is aRottweilerr(?),Husky mix and is VERY VERY playful. He like to play fight with the chow mix. We got the chow mix andHuskyy mix because they were in the same cage with each other, but now they wont even play because the chow will hurt the husky mix. What do I do about this? My family and I don'tt want aggressive dogs. Also the chow mix is laid back most of the time. Only time she is not laid back is when the husky mix is around. We tried taking the Husky mix away but the the chow mix will bully the littlest on. The next step for us to take is to muzzle them and I dont really like that idea but, its better than taking them back to the pound. I know Im new to this community put I really need help with this. Also The little one and the chow mix are female and the Husky mix is a male. The chow mix is my sisters and the chow will only lay by her and only her, if someone else comes by or tries to pick her up then she will make a growling sound, we arnt sure if the chow is being possessive of my sister or something else. Any advice?
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